His laid-back style could mislead you into thinking that “Chef Greg,” has a low-key job with little pressure. But then you take a look around, on any given weekend, in the 14,000 square foot kitchen at Laurel Manor and you realize – Executive Chef Greg Vitale just makes it look easy!

As a graduate of Schoolcraft College’s renowned Culinary Arts program, Chef Vitale has been around kitchens since he was 13 years old. Starting out as a dishwasher at a private yacht club, within eight years Vitale worked his way up to Sous-Chef. In 1989, Greg was brought on board as Executive Chef at Laurel Manor, where he continues to work his magic today.

“Chef Greg” and his staff of up to 15 combine the freshest ingredients…from homemade Italian bread on each table, to flavorful gourmet appetizers & entrees. You can select from a pre-designed menu or custom design a unique menu with themed, or culturally infused, dishes. His goal at Laurel Manor is to provide great quality food from the first dish served to the very last.

“We’re very fortunate to have such a creative and accommodating executive chef,” remarks Mr. DelSignore – Owner of Laurel Manor.

He prepares individually plated, intimate, dinners for as many as 50 people in one night and hors d’oeuvres for a marketplace setting of up to 2200 people on another night. It goes without saying that he cooks a lot of extraordinary dishes.

What it really comes down to is that Greg just loves to cook! – and guests at Laurel Manor love it when he does.